About me and my business

Holding a mechanical engineering degree I decided to shift my career and since then I've owned and operated this business now for about 9 years which has become not only my full time job but my passion. I started out making bead jewelry and selling it at local small Craft Fairs in the metro Vancouver area in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. A couple of years later I took on various silversmithing courses and obtained a degree in Jewelry Design. Today, my business has continually grown and now I have presence in some stores, on-line through Etsy and I continue enjoying face to face contact with my clients at those same Craft Fairs as well as Farmers Markets. I love what I do and every single piece of jewelry I make has deep care, love and attention to detail embedded in it. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my work is appreciated for what it is. I am also extremely keen in providing the best possible customer service even if sometimes that means I'm not making a profit. I'd much rather provide a pleasant and efficient shopping experience than make a few dollars. I truly hope that is the case with every customer who visits my site and decides to buy something. Happy shopping!

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